Redesign The Coffee Maker Machine

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose freshly ground coffee instead of instant coffee. The popularity of freshly ground coffee has also promoted the development of coffee maker machines, and more and more coffee maker machine designs are emerging. Therefore, today I will share with you the redesign of 11 coffee maker machines, hoping to bring you more design inspiration.


01. Steam series coffee grinder



The steam era NO.5 grinding coffee maker is the first coffee maker machine that is more in line with the trend of the younger generation, breaking the previous unchanging style. The steam era series products incorporate the mechanical style design concept, inheriting the original cultural temperament of ground coffee, and interpreting the product to release metal The gloss reflects the professionalism of the product, and the details show the quality, which is more in line with the aesthetic cognition of contemporary young consumers.


02. Brew coffee maker machine


Design: Joo Hwan Hong

When brewing drip coffee manually the true way, you need to do a certain amount of grinding, and you also have to weigh. After that, you must make sure the water is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit for the best extraction. Colder water will result in a bland coffee extraction, while too hot water will also result in a lower quality coffee. However, the SCOPE’s built-in grinder, scale, temperature control, and timer give you finer control to create the perfect cup of hand-dipped coffee.


03. Scenty Presso aroma diffuser coffee maker machine


Design: Taeyeon Kim

We can only taste the taste, flavor and faint aroma of coffee when we usually drink coffee. And the Scenty Presso is a coffee brewer that simultaneously smells coffee, enhancing your senses. The aroma of coffee and used coffee grounds is a great deodorant and air freshener to reduce room or kitchen odors such as shoe smell, refrigerator food smell, etc. Users simply pour coffee powder and hot water into the Scenty Presso to brew coffee. After brewing, the remaining coffee grounds act like a diffuser, so recycling waste with Scenty Presso reduces waste and makes coffee more enjoyable.


04. Morning Machine coffee maker machine



Designed to brew coffee “on purpose”, Morning Machine analyzes the pods you put in it and configures the exact method of brewing. Different coffee beans come from different places and require different techniques. Morning Machine recognizes these nuances and applies a bean-specific brewing mechanism to ensure the coffee tastes exactly the way it is intended to be drunk.


05. MiO coffee maker machine


Design: Kyumin Hwang

Typically, coffee maker machines on the market have a long back-and-forth, which appears to be functionally inefficient. With its vertical structure, the Mio coffee maker machine is the perfect combination of function and form.


06. Gevi coffee maker machine

Gevi doesn’t look like a traditional 2-in-1 coffee maker, the Gevi has a sleek, slim look. Internally, however, the Gevi can both grind and brew coffee beans, and it also weighs the beans beforehand, so it can craft just the right amount of coffee.


07. Branch coffee maker machine


Design: Virosh Rangalla

A minimalist approach to traditional coffee maker machines, Branch focuses on aesthetics, usability and enhancing the overall coffee brewing experience. The target users of the project are young professionals living in urban environments. As far as their interest in coffee is concerned, they are definitely lovers, but don’t have time for good coffee at home. Conception revolves around the unique silhouette of the winemaker, experimenting with simple, approachable geometric shapes.


08. STEAM AGE coffee maker machine


Design: Peng Jinchao

STEAM AGE is an espresso machine, mainly designed for the European market; the old steam locomotive is extracted as the design element to define a unique design symbol and design style for the brand, which is conducive to the iteration of the brand’s product line and enhances the brand Recognition, the overall body is made of metal, and the texture of the product is improved by matching different materials.


09. Cenga – Handcrafted Coffee Set


Design: Joohyung Park, Seonghwa Lim, Eojin Roh, & Jihye Park

Stacked like a tower of blocks, Cenga is a handcrafted modular coffee set conceived by a team of designers to bring home everything you’d find in a café.


10. All-in-one coffee grinder


Design: Locus Hsu

Wireless portable electric coffee grinder all-in-one machine, grinding and brewing in one, taste and enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere.


11. MONO Capsule Coffee maker machine


Design: Pelin Özbalcı

MONO is a capsule coffee maker machine. It has a simple design and is fairly easy to use. You just have to put the capsule back in and press down on the metal part on the front of the MONO. The water tank can be removed and filled with water, or it can be placed in the dishwasher.
MONO is inspired by the beautiful natural environment of the North.