Learn From Southeast Asian Cafe Design To Enhance Your Store

In recent years, with the development and upgrading of the catering industry, many cafe owners have paid more and more attention to the design style of the store, and the design style has become more and more diversified. From a business perspective, the style of a coffee store can make the atmosphere of the shop better, and make consumers feel creative and want to consume. This is the responsibility and mission of coffee store owners and designers. Today, let’s take a look at what is worth learning from the design of Southeast Asian cafes. Let’s add color to the store together!


Features of Southeast Asian Cafes


The South Asia Cafe pays more attention to the use of outdoor space, and the design is more ingenious. The simple and rustic gravel floor is matched with the plants unique to Southeast Asia, combined with the wooden tables and chairs close to the nature, so that the display atmosphere of the cafe is exquisitely combined with the external environment. This design allows consumers to experience a sense of comfort integrated into nature, which is leisurely and comfortable. This kind of design is attached to the objective environment to a certain extent, because Southeast Asia belongs to the subtropical rainforest climate, the warm and humid weather and the relatively large rainfall, the display design of the store can effectively avoid being affected by the wet weather.

There are also many outdoor design styles in cafes. Most of them emphasize the characteristics of Internet celebrities, such as various exaggerated or bright ornaments, uniquely shaped tables and chairs or huge ambient lights.

The style of Southeast Asian cafes is very suitable for coffee store owners who are looking for style as a reference case. Especially in first- and second-tier cities, consumers must be eager for a simple and pure comfortable space in the face of high-rise buildings and traffic flow. You can get close to nature while enjoying delicious coffee, as if you are in a resort area.

Some people may say that such style cafes have relatively high requirements for store location and are not easy to achieve. In fact, as long as the outdoor ground is introduced into the interior space, the indoor and outdoor can be integrated.

After such a design, your cafe can easily stand out from a crowd of ostentatious INS shops. Compared with the monotonous pursuit of a temporary “net celebrity style”, the style is stable and textured, which can make your shop not in the market. The trend is “outdated” after the trend, and this kind of natural style cafe style can make your store’s audience wider.


Inspiration from Style


In recent years, the coffee industry has always been a hot industry, and boutique cafes on the market have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Today’s sharing hopes to help shop owners who plan to start a coffee business and designers who need inspiration.

In today’s culturally diverse world, the vision should not only face the current fashion style, but also consider the design life of the storefront. While accepting new things, keep your own style. If your store has already been formed, you can also make your own unique signboard through the combination of styles, and then make certain adjustments and upgrades in the current popular style.