Bridal Boutique Clerks Won’t Tell You The Unspoken Rules Of Trying On Bridal Dresses

Brides-to-be, do you really think that the bridal dress style is done? However, in the process of testing yarn to ordering, these details that you do not understand may cost you thousands of dollars. Secretly tell you the guide for selecting yarn and pit prevention, and quickly write it down!


How To Charge The Yarn Trial Fee, And Can It Be Deducted After The Order Is Made?


Many stores will distinguish the trial costs by brand or bridal dress grade, and there will also be styles that you can try on for free. Therefore, be sure to ask before you try yarns whether there is a fee for trial yarns? How many pieces can you try on for free? Charges? Can the trial fee be deducted after the order is made?


Bridal dress Rental Time

Shunde weddings are generally 1-2 days. When the bridal dress needs to be used for 2 days or more, is there a limit to the rental time and is there any extra charge?


Can It Be Exchanged?

Generally, bridal boutique will release new styles from time to time, and many careful BBs may be set in half a year to a year before the wedding date. When the new styles are released later, can you change the original style? You can change it several times. ?Do I need to make up the difference?

I suggest that you can pay attention to the store’s style updates at any time or let the dress designer notify you as soon as possible~


How Long Before The Wedding Date To Determine The Final Style


About Clothes Size

When renting a bridal dress, if the bridal dress does not fit when trying it on, you should ask the store if it can be modified to the appropriate size? And whether there is an additional fee? Due to the material of the bridal dress, some bridal dress sizes cannot be modified.


Is It Mailable?

Many BBs from other places cannot take the time to pick up the yarn due to the long distance or many preparations before the wedding. You can ask the store if they can mail it? And who will pay for the postage?


How To Compensate For Damages Incurred During The Rental Process?


Before signing the contract, consult the definition of compensation for damage to the bridal dress, and check whether the bridal dress is stained or damaged when taking the yarn.


Deposit Issue

Before signing the contract, read the contract details carefully to determine the deposit amount, delivery time and refund time. Generally, the deposit is paid the day before the wedding, and the return can be done within 2-3 working days after the clothes are returned and checked.