Learn From Southeast Asian Cafe Design To Enhance Your Store

In recent years, with the development and upgrading of the catering industry, many cafe owners have paid more and more attention to the design style of the store, and the design style has become more and more diversified. From a business perspective, the style of a coffee store can make the atmosphere of the shop better, and make consumers feel creative and want to consume. This is the responsibility and mission of coffee store owners and designers. Today, let’s take a look at what is worth learning from the design of Southeast Asian cafes. Let’s add color to the store together! Read More


並沒有哪種色比得上鮮紅色更非常容易激發我們的動能、魅力、感情和熱情了。它如同迅速跑步的車輛,有著很大的動能;又像深紅色的玫瑰花,彌漫著火爆的熱情;更像夏季的日落,充斥著無限誘惑。而在晶石界,鮮紅色的燦爛結晶一樣引人注意。例如今日小楠要和各位聊的——鮮紅色鑽石Read More